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Indycar illustration

Indycar cutaway illustration, Motor magazine, July 2009

Indycar cutaway, Motor magazine, July 2009This Indycar cut-away was for the July ’09 issue of Motor magazine (Australia).

Although the Indycars look like Formula 1 vehicles, they are actually quite different. The rear wings are customised for each type of racetrack, reducing drag and allowing the cars to reach speeds of almost 400km/h (250mph). Read more about these amazing vehicles here.


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Diffusing the situation

F1 diffuser illustration, Motor Magazine, June 2009

2009 F1 Diffuser, Motor magazine, June 2009This illustration shows the difference between the diffusers (or rear underbody – highlighted in yellow) or rival F1 manufacturers.

The diffuser pulls air from under the car creating downforce and reducing drag. There was some controversy in the F1 world earlier this year regarding the width of the diffuser. You can read more about it here.

This illustration was a little tricky due to the lack of reference photos. Most of the images were blurry action shots, but with a little improvisation and imagination I think they turned out ok.

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The need for speed II

How to trail brake, Motor magazine, May 2009

Another (slightly more detailed) trail braking illo, this time for Motor magazine in Australia.

In this version our driver wears the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

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The need for speed

How to trail brake, FHM Australia, April 2009

A series of illustrations on advanced driving techniques for FHM Australia, including how to trail brake (top), power slide (bottom left) and accelerate our of a corner (bottom right).

I had a lot of fun drawing the details in the bubbles, including the Adidas shell-tops. Sometimes it’s the little things…

How to power slide, FHM Australia, April 2009 How to accelerate out of a corner, FHM Australia, April 2009

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Heel and toe, heel and toe

Heel and toe illustration, Motor magazine

Heel and toe method for braking and overtaking, Motor magazine, April 2009This illustration was for the April 2009 issue of Motor magazine (Australia).

The ‘heel and toe’ is a method of changing gears often used by race drivers to make braking and overtaking smoother (and therefore faster). Click here for more info.

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How to drift

How to drift

How to drift, Motor magazine, February 2009Another illustration for Motor magazine in Australia.

The white car illustrates the “skando (Scandinavian) flick” rally technique, which involves steering away from the corner then turning in.

The blue car shows the technique for using a handbrake, or “the pro-drifter’s joystick”. Click here for more info.

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How to take an apex (in a Ferrari F430)


Cornering and Understeer, Motor magazine, November 2009This illustration for Motor magazine was my first experiences using 3D software (the marvellous Google Sketchup) to create an illustration.

I was given some reference material and asked to illustrate the racing line around a corner (this route minimizes time spent in the corner, while maintaining speed).

The green arrow represents the correct racing line, the red one shows the way to the ditch.

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