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Recent work

Anthony Calvert recent instructional illustrations

Hi all

sorry for the lack of updates this year. Almost every spare moment has been spent freelance illustrating so I haven’t had a chance to update the site with any recent work.

I plan to change that over the next few months. I’m finally going full-time with my illustration, which will give me a chance to overhaul the site, including a redesign and updated individual entries for each job of the past year.

In the meantime I thought I’d put together a small sample of recent work. I’ve had an absolute ball creating these instructional illustrations. You’ll find everything from fitness exercises to magic tricks, wine tasting to hangover cures,¬† not to mention how to escape from an aggressive black rhino (just in case you’re ever in that situation!) Click on the image above for a larger version.

Thanks again for visiting and please feel free to drop me a comment with any feedback. I’m also available for new commissions so don’t hesitate to get in touch (anthony(at) if you need any work.




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The need for speed II

How to trail brake, Motor magazine, May 2009

Another (slightly more detailed) trail braking illo, this time for Motor magazine in Australia.

In this version our driver wears the classic Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

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The need for speed

How to trail brake, FHM Australia, April 2009

A series of illustrations on advanced driving techniques for FHM Australia, including how to trail brake (top), power slide (bottom left) and accelerate our of a corner (bottom right).

I had a lot of fun drawing the details in the bubbles, including the Adidas shell-tops. Sometimes it’s the little things…

How to power slide, FHM Australia, April 2009 How to accelerate out of a corner, FHM Australia, April 2009

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Jeans care

This is an illustration about jeans care for FHM.

I had some fun with the label (no-dour) and improvising the washing graphics.

Anyone interested in jeans care (or wanting to see the illo above in context) can view the article here.

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FHM fitness

These illustrations were for an FHM guide to Jamie Durie‘s fitness regime. (Manpower moves not included.)

[Update – 5 July 2010 – Click here for a jpg of the ‘Jamie Durie Guide to Hotel Fitness’ article from FHM Australia]


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How to pour beer

\'How to pour beer\' illustration for FHM Australia (July 2008)

An illustration about one of my favourite subjects…

The challenge for this illustration was to make the contents of the fridge look believable. Each item has a different level of transparency (note the beer bottles showing through the schooner glasses.)

I also had to create a visual device to show the angle of the beer glass at different stages of the pour. Thirsty work!

You can view the illustration as it appeared in FHM (and learn how to pour the ‘perfect beer’) here.

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Colour theory

Wardrobe colour theory illustration for FHM Australia (July 2008)

The brief for this illustration was to show how different coloured clothing should be worn together.

The silhouettes were quite straightforward, so I had fun adding little details like the Adidas trainers and sunglasses. The T-shirt graphic is a cheeky nod to one of my other design projects:

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