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Jeans care

This is an illustration about jeans care for FHM.

I had some fun with the label (no-dour) and improvising the washing graphics.

Anyone interested in jeans care (or wanting to see the illo above in context) can view the article here.


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Colour theory

Wardrobe colour theory illustration for FHM Australia (July 2008)

The brief for this illustration was to show how different coloured clothing should be worn together.

The silhouettes were quite straightforward, so I had fun adding little details like the Adidas trainers and sunglasses. The T-shirt graphic is a cheeky nod to one of my other design projects:

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Scarf styles

FHM Australia (June 2008) scarves illustration

Here is another illustration for FHM Australia. This went through several amendments before appearing in the magazine. I have posted the original version above (which was reduced for space reasons in the magazine).

[UPDATE: 14 November 2008 – With winter approaching (in the northern hemisphere at least) it seems that everyone wants to know about scarf styles. Here‘s the full article, as it appeared in the magazine.]

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How to iron a shirt

\'How to iron\' illustration from FHM Australia (May 2008)

This was my first illustration for FHM Australia. I was supplied with some copy and asked to illustrate a guide for ironing a shirt.

I really enjoyed this job and was able to include a reference to one of my favourite bands (look closely on panel 4).

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