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Ultimate loungeroom

FHM ultimate lounge room, July 2009

In May I was commissioned to illustrate FHM’s ‘ultimate lounge room’.

The brief was to combine all of the advertiser products (flat screen TV, blu-ray, laptop, beer cooler and lounge chair) into a single image.

I used a Google Sketchup model for the interior and Ben – FHM Australia’s editor at the time – volunteered to be the beer drinking model.


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Zombie TV

Zombie TV illustration for FHM Australia magazine, February 2009

A parasite that exists in real-life could lead to the Zombie apocalypse, according to FHM Australia.

The parasite is called toxoplasma gondii. When a host (usually small mammals such as rats and mice) become infected, the parasite can change the behaviour of their brain, causing them be drawn to (rather than fearful) of cats. The twist? The parasite is able to reproduce if its host is eaten by a cat.

Rather than medical diagrams I tried to take a more conceptual approach to this illustration. A pair of zombie hands emerge from the fictional reality of the television into our real world…

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Seeing red


An illustration for an upcoming story in FHM about websites that allow people to post defamatory comments online

I will upload a scan of the full story once the magazine its newsstands in December.

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Up against the wall


This illustration is a parody of an Australian television program called Hole in the Wall.

Based on a Japanese game show, Hole in the Wall requires celebrity contestants to fit through holes in a styrofoam wall moving towards them.

The results are often hilarious. Here’s a video clip of the original (and best) Japanese version:

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Is a smart bomb an oxymoron?


This illustration was commissioned for an article in FHM on so called ‘smart bombs’.

According to New Scientist magazine, the US air force is trying to develop a cluster weapon that would release a swarm of ‘bomblets’ – each identifying and pursuing an individual target.

The question is: how would this weapon distinguish between combatants and civilians? As I tried to show in this illustration a simple red cross can be interpreted as a field target or a field hospital.

You can read the original – and frankly alarming – New Scientist article here.

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Money illustrations


2008_11_managed_fund1 2008_11_housing1 2008_11_bank1

These illustrations were for the FHM money section.

I came up with concepts for the four types of investments covered in the article:

  • The sharemarket (rollercoaster)
  • Investment funds (managed growth)
  • Property (snakes and ladders)
  • Banking (a safe)

These illustrations were designed just two weeks before the 2008 economic crisis.

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Health illustrations


Illustrations for an FHM feature called ‘Heal thyself’.

Each illustration accompanied instructions for the treatment of neglected organs, including the heart (time-bomb); lungs and liver (filters); bowel (plumbing) and skin (outer layer).

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