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Indycar illustration

Indycar cutaway illustration, Motor magazine, July 2009

Indycar cutaway, Motor magazine, July 2009This Indycar cut-away was for the July ’09 issue of Motor magazine (Australia).

Although the Indycars look like Formula 1 vehicles, they are actually quite different. The rear wings are customised for each type of racetrack, reducing drag and allowing the cars to reach speeds of almost 400km/h (250mph). Read more about these amazing vehicles here.


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Ultimate loungeroom

FHM ultimate lounge room, July 2009

In May I was commissioned to illustrate FHM’s ‘ultimate lounge room’.

The brief was to combine all of the advertiser products (flat screen TV, blu-ray, laptop, beer cooler and lounge chair) into a single image.

I used a Google Sketchup model for the interior and Ben – FHM Australia’s editor at the time – volunteered to be the beer drinking model.

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