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Heel and toe, heel and toe

Heel and toe illustration, Motor magazine

Heel and toe method for braking and overtaking, Motor magazine, April 2009This illustration was for the April 2009 issue of Motor magazine (Australia).

The ‘heel and toe’ is a method of changing gears often used by race drivers to make braking and overtaking smoother (and therefore faster). Click here for more info.


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Zombie TV

Zombie TV illustration for FHM Australia magazine, February 2009

A parasite that exists in real-life could lead to the Zombie apocalypse, according to FHM Australia.

The parasite is called toxoplasma gondii. When a host (usually small mammals such as rats and mice) become infected, the parasite can change the behaviour of their brain, causing them be drawn to (rather than fearful) of cats. The twist? The parasite is able to reproduce if its host is eaten by a cat.

Rather than medical diagrams I tried to take a more conceptual approach to this illustration. A pair of zombie hands emerge from the fictional reality of the television into our real world…

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How to drift

How to drift

How to drift, Motor magazine, February 2009Another illustration for Motor magazine in Australia.

The white car illustrates the “skando (Scandinavian) flick” rally technique, which involves steering away from the corner then turning in.

The blue car shows the technique for using a handbrake, or “the pro-drifter’s joystick”. Click here for more info.

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