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Money illustrations


2008_11_managed_fund1 2008_11_housing1 2008_11_bank1

These illustrations were for the FHM money section.

I came up with concepts for the four types of investments covered in the article:

  • The sharemarket (rollercoaster)
  • Investment funds (managed growth)
  • Property (snakes and ladders)
  • Banking (a safe)

These illustrations were designed just two weeks before the 2008 economic crisis.


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Health illustrations


Illustrations for an FHM feature called ‘Heal thyself’.

Each illustration accompanied instructions for the treatment of neglected organs, including the heart (time-bomb); lungs and liver (filters); bowel (plumbing) and skin (outer layer).

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US empire illustration


Illustration for an ominously titled feature The Last Days of the US Empire.

The story compared the United States to great – but ultimately flawed – civilisations like Rome, ancient Greece and the Maya.

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