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Travel illustration


Close to deadline – but with no photos for the travel page – I was asked to create this illustration for FHM Australia.

The page was about working as a tour guide, bus driver or cook for an European tour company.

Initially the highway sign was going to be a simple metaphor for working and traveling around Europe, but as I developed the idea I was able to include a few other concepts (the roundabout as analogy for the repetitious nature of touring, the blue ‘Services’ sign for the duties carried out by the staff).

You can view the full travel page here.


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iPod illustration

This illustration was for a story about customs officials searching your iPod for illegally downloaded content.

Not sure exactly how they would enforce this (you can read the story here), but it’s a scary thought – imagine the ‘iPod line’ at customs.

This illo was turned around pretty quickly. I came up with the concept and illustrated it within 24 hours.

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