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US election

This graphic was used to illustrate a page in FHM about the upcoming US presidential election.

[UPDATE: 8 September 2008]

This post has received many hits (no doubt due to the upcoming election – not my illustration skills).

I’ve decided to post a jpg of the original page (which I designed) to place the image in context. You can view it here.

Please note this is a tongue-in-cheek survey, not to be taken too seriously.


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How to pour beer

\'How to pour beer\' illustration for FHM Australia (July 2008)

An illustration about one of my favourite subjects…

The challenge for this illustration was to make the contents of the fridge look believable. Each item has a different level of transparency (note the beer bottles showing through the schooner glasses.)

I also had to create a visual device to show the angle of the beer glass at different stages of the pour. Thirsty work!

You can view the illustration as it appeared in FHM (and learn how to pour the ‘perfect beer’) here.

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Colour theory

Wardrobe colour theory illustration for FHM Australia (July 2008)

The brief for this illustration was to show how different coloured clothing should be worn together.

The silhouettes were quite straightforward, so I had fun adding little details like the Adidas trainers and sunglasses. The T-shirt graphic is a cheeky nod to one of my other design projects:

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Scarf styles

FHM Australia (June 2008) scarves illustration

Here is another illustration for FHM Australia. This went through several amendments before appearing in the magazine. I have posted the original version above (which was reduced for space reasons in the magazine).

[UPDATE: 14 November 2008 – With winter approaching (in the northern hemisphere at least) it seems that everyone wants to know about scarf styles. Here‘s the full article, as it appeared in the magazine.]

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